Dance Laines

Dance Laines offers two graded adult classes a day at various levels. The adult school has classes for complete beginners. New beginner classes usually start once a year. The beginners' class eventually becomes GRADE1, and this is the first level at which an adult can take an exam.
Exams are great fun, and are taken by 95% of our students. Since adults started to take exams in 1992, no adult pupil has failed a grade exam
Preparing for ballet exams pulls a group of dancers together and builds confidence and understanding. It teaches the essence of each level and delivers the work to an independent examiner. Groups of dancers form friendships and and often work together through all the grades.
Dance Laines offers classes to Beginners, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 & Pre-Elementary.  Pointe work is not attempted at grade level but introduced slowly at Pre-Elementary level.
The beginners' course is open to anyone, even those  who have never attended a ballet class in their lives. The class always begins with some gentle floor exercises: learning to breathe, to lengthen and ease the spine, free the shoulders and hip joints, strengthen the stomach muscles and free the leg muscles.

We are looking for dancers who are prepared to make a commitment to joining one of our ballet classes once a week, during term time. More than one class can be taken if you wish.
There is no age limit; we have dancers in their 60's and very young at heart. We welcome men to these classes.

We have a lot of dancers who have danced as children but gave up after some time and have started again at Dance Laines. It is advisable to start at a lower grade to give you the chance to get back into training without injuring yourself, and helps to secure your technique.

The syllabus that we follow was created by Anna Heaton and John Field CBE in 1987 for the British Ballet Organization. It has a beautiful and logical structure and it uses technique, placement, co-ordination of arms, legs and eye-lines in a most magical and musical way. Peter Jones composed the music especially for the work.