Dance Laines

Esther Juon is known for her fitting of pointe shoes. She has attended all the pointe shoe fitting seminars held in London by GAMBA, PORSELLI, and FREED, in the mid 1980's.

Over the years she has become an expert in the field and has written a guide on the subject called 'POINTE SHOE SECRETS'. In 1995 Esther was invited to Moscow to fit Pointe shoes at the famous BOLSHOI BALLET. In recognition of her contribution to the safe fitting of pointe shoes Esther was awarded a Special Diploma by the Diaghilev Association in 1995.

Research into the correct fitting of pointe shoes continues with the assistance of her friend and adult pupil Lucy Redhead  SRP, MCSP, MSc, lecturer in anatomy and biomechanics at the University of Brighton.

Esther Juon's articles were published in the 'Young Dancer' magazine. In the current year Esther and Lucy have lectured at the British Ballet Organization, at regional R.A.D. courses, at London's Children Ballet and at various ballet schools.

Pointe shoe fitting and Consultation £20.00
Subsequent fittings free

If you would like a fitting by Esther Juon, you need to do the following things.

  1. Make an appointment for a 90 minute fitting.
  3. Obtain your teacher's permission.
  5. Bring your old Pointe shoes, pink tights, and a leotard.
  7. Cut your toenails, make sure that you have clean feet and no blisters. REMEMBER no fitting of pointe shoes can be carried out to blistered feet as the foot would never load centrally inside the shoe.
Esther Juon will check the strength of the muscles under your feet and in your toes, your placement and correct alignment of your body. During this part of the consultation Esther will give a lot of advice and exercise information. She reserves the right not to sell Pointe shoes if she feels that the dancer's feet would be damaged as a result.

Dance Laines currently sells only one make of shoe, called GRISHKO, which is made in Russia. GRISHKO undertook five years of medical research into how and why dancers' feet get injured then designed their new Pointe shoe. This shoe is available in two different shapes, 5 different shank strengths, and 5 different widths, making a fitting possible in almost all cases.