Dance Laines



Esther Juon offers lectures on the fitting of Pointe shoes to Dance Companies, Ballet schools, Dance Colleges and Ballet shops.

The lectures are adjusted for each individual company but have a common structure:

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy of the foot and its relevance to Ballet
  • Exercises to strengthen and prepare and maintain the feet for point work
  • The use of Demi-Pointe shoes and why
  • The fitting of the shoes, using the three point support system
  • Preparation of shoes, how to break them in and how to look after them.

The lecture will be tailored to your particular needs using an overhead projector. Lecture notes are available at minimal cost.

Cost per lecturer per day is  £100.00  plus expenses.

I prefer to lecture first and then run a free advice service for the rest of the day, when all the dancers can come and consult me individually. I suggest that you make an appointment timetable allowing 30 minutes per dancer. These consultations are free to the dancer and are part of the lecturing fee.
The purpose is to give the dancers an idea of what it feels like to have a shoe that fits in this particular way. They should then know enough to make an informed choice about their feet.

Esther Juon has written various articles on the subject for the "Young Dancer Magazine" copies are available on request. She has written a book called "POINTE SHOE SECRETS". All available from our sales page….