Dance Laines

This class is for children aged 4 to 5 years. This class has a very gentle structure involving exercises, expressive arm movements, a music section and expressing the music.

Pre-Primary has more definite structure elaborating in that which was learned in Pre-Assessment. Age group is 5 to 6 years.

This level introduces barre work and centre work in preparation for Grade 1.

GRADES 1 to 5:-
These grades are deigned gradually to introduce the pupil to all the basic steps in a logical order. The muscles gradually gain strength through this process so it is strongly advisable to learn all the grades in sequence to enable the body to develop accordingly. This recommendation applies to children as well as adult dancers.

Grade 6 and Pre-Elementary, are the same syllabus, Grade six being the simpler version of the two. The pupils can stay together in the same class but work at two different levels. Grade 6 has the same barre exercises but eliminates one of the barre exercises. At Pre-Elementary level there are two Port de Bras, two Adages, two Allegros and Beaten steps. For grade 6 the dancer only demonstrates one of each exercises, no beats and no pointe work. The pointe work is simply performed on Demi-pointe. This system allows the pupils to work at their best, enjoying the major levels after having worked so hard for the lower grades.

Elementary is the entry qualification for full time training, or a teaching diploma. Again the same working opportunities are there. The hobby dancer simply takes a simpler version of Elementary and it will be called Grade 7.

This is a Company level class. And involves at least 4 two hour classes a week in order to pass this exam. For Grade 8 the dancer would need fewer classes, but still the dancer would have to be very fit indeed. We are proud to have 4 dancers at Dance Laines who have passed the full Intermediate exam.

Is the most difficult of all and we are still working on getting some of our pupils through this exam. By the time our our pupils have reached this level they are already in fulltime training at major dance schools, like Rambert or London Contemporary. This is not an open class.

Esther enjoys teaching free classes or non-syllabus classes very much. These classes are much slower and often simpler and based on the difficulties found with working on the syllabus. In the adult school (see
ADULTS) Esther teaches non-syllabus for one week and Syllabus the next. This also allows for creativity in the class as well as the pupil being able to pick up steps and movement sequences quickly and easily.