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A new way of fitting Pointe shoes has been developed by Esther Juon, supported by physiotherapist Dr Lucy Redhed and sports podiatrist Helen Morrell.

The basic principle of fitting pointe shoes is based on the anatomy of the foot and it's natural 3-point support system see picture 1.
The foot has two sets of arches, longitudinal and transverse.

In picture 2 the longitudinal arches run from point 1 to 2 and and from 1 to 3. 

The transverse arches run across the arch of the foot and the lowest is situated between points 2 and 3.

Maintaining these arches is of crucial importance to the well being of the foot and allowing the foot to walk, spring and jump normally.

We believe that the foot on Pointe must be supported in these three places, see picture 3.


Drawings and anatomy facts checked by Dr Lucy Redhead