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My daughter Olivia returned to New Zealand in Dec for the Christmas holidays.  We had previously lived in Waipukurau for 2 years and Olivia attended  Esther's ballet school in Waipawa.
We thought that some private lessons from Esther in the holidays would be beneficial as it would not only help maintain fitness and flexibility but correct some bad habits that Olivia had picked over the past 12 months in her ballet school here in Brisbane.
Olivia was so thrilled with the hours spent with Esther, not only do they share a bond from the time that Olivia was at her school, Olivia respects Esther's vast knowledge and attention to detail.  Olivia came away from her lessons with renewed enthusiasm and knowledge of how to maintain and build on what she had learnt.
She also was given an amazing list of strengthening exercising and notes for her to refer to and follow.
We also had a demi pointe and pointe shoe fitting as Olivia had outgrown her pointe shoes. 
Esther's fitting process is second to none, we have never seen anything so meticulous.  Her desire, knowledge and patience  to obtain the proper fit is amazing.  This process takes time and is not rushed and the end result for Olivia is a shoe that will support her and prevent damage to her foot.
As her mother I can rest easy knowing that her feet will be protected.
The fitting report that Esther gave Olivia complete with photographs of her feet and measurements is fantastic.  I am going to show it to Olivia's ballet principal with the hope that they will ask Esther to come to Brisbane and run a workshop.
 I cannot recommend Esther enough, she is an amazing inspirational teacher and an underutilised resource.
If we had someone like her here in Brisbane I know there would be a waiting list to attend her school and to be professionally fitted by her for pointe shoes.
Thank you Esther for your time with Olivia, it was the highlight of her holiday in NZ.
I will be booking her in for more lessons when we are back again.



Thank you very much Esther and Jackie for the busy afternoon working on Marian last Sunday.


Sorry for the late reply as I was away in Wellington.


The trip to you was very much worthwhile. Marian and I learnt a lot and Marianís new pair of pointe shoes are fantastic.  Thank you and your great expertise supports are much appreciated.


The best regards and we will keep you informed of Marianís progresses.





From 10 and a half years old I have used the Juon Pointe Shoe Fitting System.  The strapping and exercise regime has enabled me to comfortably fit into, and work in, pointe shoes and taught me to know what to look for and how they should fit. Having regular check-ups with Esther and Jackie ensured that my feet stayed strong and straight, this was especially important when my feet were still growing. I believe this system is the reason why I havenít had any foot injuries and why my progression on pointe has been, and still is, so successful. The strapping and exercise system has given me the best base that I could have, especially when I was a beginner, to dance en pointe.

 Iím now living in Sydney, training at a full time ballet school, and still strapping my feet and doing my exercises.  As you can imagine, I go through pointe shoes a lot faster than I used to, and Iím so grateful to have acquired such amazing knowledge from Esther and Jackie because I know exactly how my pointe shoes need to fit and I wonít wear them if they donít support me and are not exactly right. Following this system has made my feet so strong. When I first started pointe work, I was so weak, and I feared putting my pointe shoes on because they hurt and I just wasnít really strong enough to do anything.  After I started Esther and Jackieís system I got so much stronger, my pointe shoes didnít hurt and I started to actually enjoy pointe work, Iím still getting stronger and stronger, and now I really love pointe work!

Whether youíre just starting pointe, or have been doing it for a long time, I highly recommend this system, I think everyone could learn something from it and Esther and Jackie are just amazing to work with, they are so particular and will go to all lengthís to make sure everything is perfect just for you.  Youíll come away feeling so satisfied with everything they have to offer. The Juon Pointe Shoe Fitting System is so thorough, Esther and Jackie look at the whole picture and will personalise everything for you. You couldnít pick two better people to do such amazing work.  And, in my opinion, you canít have a better system to look after a dancerís feet and body.  I have never looked back.      




We first met Esther and Jackie when they did a presentation in Palmerston North in 2010.  Our daughter, who was working at a level in dance beyond her years, was approached by her dance school Principal about beginning Vocational level training, which included Pointe work.  Fully aware that at 10 years of age beginning to go en Pointe could have its health risks, we sought professional advice from many areas, including Esther and Jackie.  This was not a decision that was made lightly.

The presentation made a lot of sense to us, and so from the start our daughter, Madi, never used ĎOuch Pouchesí, where the toes and metatarsals remain unsupported, and instead from day one she exercised and strapped her feet according to the Juon system.  We are now in 2015, Madi dances 7 hours a day, 6 days a week and 3 hours a day are dedicated to Pointe work. We have never had an injury, and Madiís feet are extremely strong from the recommended exercises she continues to do daily, as well as they have retained their normal, straight form due to being strapped and strengthened for her work.

We believe, as parents, that the Juon system of exercising and strapping is the main reason for Madiís easy and comfortable journey through her Pointe work.  We have had regular assessments with Esther and Jackie to make sure all is well with Madiís feet.  It is the only system we have encouraged Madi to use, and it will continue to be the only system.  Itís all about caring for the dancer, and that starts with the feetÖafter all they have a lot of work to do for a very long time.

We would recommend the Juon system to ALL dancers Ė regardless of level!




Hi there Jackie & Esther

My very grateful thanks to you both for giving so generously of your time to Joelie.  Both Peter and Debbie were very impressed by the depth of your knowledge and willingness to guide Joelie.


Joelie was buzzing J and is so keen for her dance year to start.


I have briefly looked at the report this morning but will take the time to go through it in detail and will support Joelie with her stretches and exercises.


Thanks again Ė we are so lucky to have world-recognised expertise in our own backyard!


Take care and warm regards